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Karate John's Martial Arts Reviews

I started kickboxing 9 months ago during a 2 week promotion they had going. After a few classes, I was hooked!  Kickboxing is a challenging, fun way to exercise. Each class has variety so it never gets dull with the same routine. It has been a great way to get in shape and meet new people. Tylin is an amazing instructor; very energetic, kind, knowledgeable and always encourages you to go just a little further. I am glad and proud to be part of the Karate John’s Kickboxing family!

Stephanie K.

The kickboxing program is excellent!! The instructor is  by far the best and keeps you motivated and on track with your goals.  If you want a good workout and awesome people this is the place to go!!!

Teresa A.

Love it here. Everyones super friendly and its so easy working out around my sons karate schedule.

Laura R.

Karate John's Kickboxing and Fitness is amazing.  The classes are a great workout, but fun at the same time.  The instructor is encouraging and creative.  Since I've started coming here, I've lost weight and gotten a lot stronger.  I would recommend this place to anyone!

Anne B.

Total supportive family-like atmosphere. Great music and positive attitudes. My daughter and I were hooked!

Amy C.

Thank you for getting me in the best shape in my life!! I am healthier & stronger. not to mention 30 lbs down since my membership last year! Ty & everyone is so supportive & caring! I reallly enjoy my classes & I know my hard work of 50 minutes has been so beneficial to me!! Absolutely worth it to try!!

Jennifer S.

Kids Martial Arts Cicero

I am new to the martial arts world. I chose a great place to start. The kickboxing program is not only fun, but challenging! I have learned so much in a short time and can't wait for more! The instructors are knowledgeable, helpful and so encouraging. Classes are small enough that you get the individual attention that is, at times, needed. There is a stripe program that is pushing me to the next level. I can't wait for more! Thanks!

Danni V.

Kids Martial Arts Cicero

A lot of things we can do in our life martial arts at Karate Johns is one of the best decisions you can make. As a woman self defense it's something that just taking the "one time class" is fun with a friend. However, when you sign up and make it a part of your daily lives. Well imagine this confidence, better grades, happy, behavior, and much more. Taking martial arts as a family has enriched my family. A family that kicks together stays together and grow's together. Thank you Karate John! Keep it Kickin!!

Jamie B.

Kids Martial Arts Cicero

I'm not going to lie it was my husband who signed them up for karate because I was completely against it. It was more because I was worried about the kids doing too much since they'd already been in a gymnastics routine and I wasn't sure if I could hold the schedule of three kids being in karate. Thankfully my husband signed them up anyway, we are on the one year mark since the kids have joined and I am so happy he made that decision! They really are like family here ! I could go on and on about how much my kids love the instructors as well as how much they learn from them not just in katas but in life lessons. Each age group is tailored to different lessons with the same meaning behind them.

As for their kickboxing it is not only motivational but I always goof with the instructors saying that they should be asking for a $15 copay because it is like therapy after a stressful day. It is a diverse group so everyone's at a different pace yet no one feels left behind and everyone is there to cheer on everyone else! It makes working out so much easier when you enjoy who you're doing it with!

Regina P.

Kids Martial Arts Cicero

The only investment comparable to what my children are learning with Karate John and his staff are the life jackets l have purchased before a day out on the water. This program is much more than karate, while they are on the floor having fun I can see the life skills being instilled into their personalities. My four children actively participate in girl scouts, cub scouts, and other seasonal sport programs and I have never met an instructor or coach that cares about the well being of their students as much as karate John does. I couldn't ask for a better role model for my kids than John and his staff.

Jessi S.

Kids Martial Arts Cicero

Amazing place to learn real martial arts. The owner and instructors are highly skilled and professional and very motivated. They do a wonderful job motivating the students and promoting self confidence. Best place if if you decide to do martial arts and your children.

Maria D.

Kids Martial Arts Cicero

I've known Karate John for many years now. I have been in a lot of martial arts schools but I have found few instructors with the amazing passion he has for being a great teacher or with the overwhelming compassion he has for his students. His personal dedication to his family, his community and to his art is very apparent with his intense work ethic and personal drive. I would highly recommend attending his school.

Boon B.

Kids Martial Arts Cicero

My daughter started karate at Karate John's a year ago. The confidence and sense of perseverance she has gained in that year is truly priceless. John, the owner and Matt, the head instructor care very much for all of their students and most importantly, I trust them with my child.

I started kickboxing there in Feb and it is one of the best things I could have ever done. I am stronger than I have ever been and I've gained more confidence than I have ever had.

Sarah S.

Kids Martial Arts Cicero

My son has been attending classes here for over 3 years now. He absolutely loves it. It's not just karate, it's life lessons as well. My son has made so many friend and so have I. I finally joined the fitness kickboxing classes after years of being a couch potato! What a difference!! Shihan John Annable and Sensei Matt Barnell are wonderful. Thanks to you both!! Looking forward to class!

Jennifer J.

Kids Martial Arts Cicero

My daughter has been taking karate for a year with Karate John. I started training in February and my wife started taking kick boxing at the same time. We all love it!! Karate John and head instructor Matt show a true passion to teach the martial arts and truly care about their students. I would recommend Karate John's to anyone!!

Eric S.

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