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Cicero Awesome Birthday Parties

Karate John's Martial Arts Is The Perfect Place To Have A Birthday Party!

Parties at Karate John's are filled with safe, fun, meaningful activities - children are taught an age-appropriate Karate lesson emphasizing focus, discipline, and respect, and will learn the Karate is not about fighting.

All parties are structured with energetic fun - you won't see kids being bored or running around out of control.

We have a party that's sure to fit your needs.

All-Star Obstacle Course Party

The Birthday child and guests will run through a variety of fun obstacles that improve agility and balance. Contests will be held for speed, balance, and skill.

Nuclear Karate Dodgeball Party

Dodgeball with a twist! Blacked out room + glow in the dark balls + blacklight decoration = glow in the dark fun! Guests will split into teams and battle in the nuclear glow. Half-time will be party time for eating and gifts.

Ninja Nerf® War Party

Enjoy ninja Nerf® war fun with bunkers, barricades, and obstacles. Guests will split into teams to play capture the flag and other fun games. We provide the Nerf® guns, Nerf® darts, and safety goggles for your guests to use.

Lighted Samurai Sword Training

Learn the way of the Samurai (rituals, respect, and technique) using a light-up sword. Then play games using your new skills. Guests even get to take their sword home!


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